Comprehensive in-house metal fabrication services tailored to your requirements, starting with high-quality materials to ensure durability.

CNC Machining

Expertise in CNC machining for precise and high-quality machined parts, including turning, milling, bore milling, and sawing.


Precision welding services with advanced equipment, including welding robots, ensure high-quality welds with fast turnaround times.

Powder Coat Painting

Value-added service with an insulated paint booth, offering a range of coatings for enhanced appearance and physical properties.


Skilled assembly team ensuring efficient and precise product assembly, whether it’s sub-assemblies or complete product assemblies.


Strict quality control measures throughout the processes, advanced inspection equipment, and a commitment to delivering products of exceptional quality.

Tooling/Fixture Design

In-house design and manufacturing of custom tooling and fixtures to streamline the manufacturing process and reduce costs.


Cost-effective refurbishment of parts using customer-owned cores and new materials, maximizing efficiency and promoting sustainability.

Equipment List

Harris Machine Company offers a comprehensive range of capabilities that address the diverse needs of our customers.