Harris Machine Co MENU
ISO 9001 CertifieD



Harris Machine's is well known for providing complex heavy fabrications to light gauge small weldments.  We provide full service welding and fabrication to meet all of our customer's needs.  Our comprehensive line of fabrication equipment is designed for low volume to high volume production runs.  Our welding capabilities include both Robotic and Manual MIG Welding. 

Robotic Welding: With eight (8) robotic welding cells utilizing the latest weld process techniques including CV, STT, Pulse and Rapid Arc, HMC can reduce your cost by:

1 - Providing repeatable and consistent welding at high production rates. Thanks to these highly advanced machines, you receive an improved and consistent high quality weld at a competitive price.

2 - Minimizing setup times.

3 - Drastically reduces hand finishing of weldments.

Highly Skilled Welders: HMC employs two (2) Certified Welding Instructors (CWI) to maintain and regulate all our welding processes.  We'll gladly certify our welders to any standards required by our customers.  With over 40 manual Pulse Arc Welders ranging from 250 Amp to 600 Amp, our welders are highly skilled and are trained in the latest techniques and processes.

Welding Machine Calibration: All weld machines (Robotic and Manual) are calibrated annually to a welder load cell.